December 29, 2009


We've been working on having Hannah come up with definitions for words we come across. Hannah has the typical difficulty that most individuals with Ds have: retrieval of information from memory. I know it's in there. I can see her thinking. I know she comprehends the question, and has an answer. It's just that she can't always put it into words that will actually come out of her mouth.

So sometimes she takes a short cut.

Me: What is a "champ"?

Hannah: Ummm.


Champanzee?? Ha ha ha!


Mel said...

She's a character! So funny :)

Beverly said...

too funny

Anonymous said...

LOL! I loved the shower talk in your last post...And I'm eagerly awaiting more Cooking with Hannah videos!♥

donnar66 said...

You are your Mother's child!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

made me chuckle. haha!