January 10, 2010

Bonus NanTalk!

Today we were leaving the gym. Hannah had been swimming. It's cold out (for Virginia--it was 25 degrees). I told her that she had to wear her coat outside because she had a wet head and she'd be cold really fast on the way to the car.

She's been working on checking for traffic in the very busy parking lot.

She sees that the coast is clear and starts out into the lot. She stops in the middle of the driving lane and says, "I'm frozen! Like an obsicle!"

I was expecting her to say a "popsicle", but she had a perfect play on words, being an obstacle in the road. I love that girl.


Fem Wynn said...

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Kristi said...

Your blog has become such an encouragement to me recently! Thank you! I hope you do not mind, but I just linked to you in a post. By the way, our son, Jonathan, loves Hannah's cooking videos. You guys look familiar to me...maybe we met once at a DSAC meeting when Jonathan was a baby? Or maybe at a Buddy Walk...not sure. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

That's a great play on words!!! LOL!

suelmayer said...

That's pretty creative!!

exnyers said...

so clever!! :)