January 18, 2010

And we're BACK

(That's only funny if you happen to be an SNL fan. Hannah says it all the time, even though she's never seen it.)

We had a very nice visit, though quite short. I was especially happy to spend time with my very closest friend Roxanne. Her husband has been going through a lot of medical issues lately, so I was glad that I got to see how he/she have been doing with my own eyes. We have been friends for 20 years, and there is nothing like the ease and comfort of a true friend--it always does me good to spend time with her!

Hannah had a good time with her friends as well. I didn't get many pictures, but we did get to see Emma and Abby. Emma invited Hannah to her ballet class, which was ridiculous fun. We had dinner with them as well, followed by some Wii (Hannah couldn't take her eyes off of it!). Can you believe that all three of these girls will be turning 12 in a matter of weeks?

We met our good friends Molly and Allyson at Monkey Joe's. We also visited with the Wengers, and Hannah got to try some Irish dance, electric guitar, and a minibike! (Please, no comments about the lack of a helmet...they were going about as fast as I walk...)

And finally, Hannah had a sleep over with her friend Shea. It was Hannah's first official sleep over at someone else's house. The girls played non-stop and can't wait until we go to the beach in May where they will have two weeks of unlimited playtime!


My name is Sarah said...

WOW HOW FUN!!!! Monkey Joes looks really cool. And the mini bike is so grown up. I like your matching pj's.

rx said...

It was so GOOD to have you present in person!!!! I miss you, and am really looking forward to our next visit, our turn to come your way this time. Love you bunches!!!!!

JennyH said...

Exciting- a first sleep over! Sounds like they had lots of fun.

Dovic said...

made me grin from beginning to end and really loved watching the montage. What a totally gorgeous girl you have and what a ridiculously wonderful grin she has :). Will be sticking around to hear more. Can't wait!