January 19, 2010

Kate Update

Kate is settling in to her new home. She worked at the Special Education Center for a about a week before they started their month-long vacation. This has given her some time to explore the neighboring towns and buy items for her household. Plus get her house hooked up to THE INTERNET!!! Yahooey! She has a very slow connection, so she usually just emails. Somehow she managed to upload some pictures the other day. I like to see them so I can "see" her living conditions.

Her house from the front. The right door leads to the formal sitting room (separate from the house to avoid mixing genders). The door on the left leads to her house.

She had to purchase her bed, rug and heating sources (gas heater, electric heater). That took up the bulk of her housing budget.

Some village women have helped her make curtains for her windows, and she has since purchased a desk and wardrobe to add to her room. It seems a little lonely, yes?

This is her kitchen. Note the faucet up high on the wall! The sink is quite shallow, so I guess the faucet is up high so a pot could be fit under it? She has a little fridge, big enough for one vegetarian person!

At least I know she's eating healthy! I keep sending her candy treats and ramen noodles so she won't miss dorm life too much!

Here is the view from her house.

And a blanket for her bed....she says, "That's right, folks, 100% Vergin Acrylic. No recycled fibers here!"

The villagers are very protective of her, as they are of all unmarried women. She is not allowed to walk to the village market alone. She spends her time "visiting", which may last anywhere from 4-14 hours long! "Visiting" is the main past time in Jordan. It usually involves a meal (or three), so she has not had to cook very much!

We miss her, but, as she says, it's only 23 1/2 more months.....


Stephanie said...

LOl @ the "visiting". I guess you have to be fairly familar with Arab culture to appreciate that concept.

Beverly said...

happy she is doing well. i love reading updates on Kate.

Kristi said...

Wow! What a courageous young lady! I am sure you must be very proud of her :).

Natalie said...

It's so fascinating to follow along and see how she is living!