December 21, 2009

Waste Management?

So, the other night Hannah and I were watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It used to be Hannah's favorite show, but now she has discovered the freedom of On Demand, where she can choose from many shows (usually all preschool shows still--she's got a thing for Handy Manny and The Berenstain Bears).

Hannah's favorite part of Home Makeover is finding out where the family is going on vacation. She's always rooting for Disney World.

The episode we were viewing was 2 hours long, so it wasn't as fast paced as it usually is. Hannah was sort of paying attention, but not completely enthralled.

All of a sudden, during the demolition scenes, she started yelling, "Wow! Yay! There's William and Mary!!! I can't believe it!!"

Neither could I. Mostly because there wasn't anything on the TV that had anything to do with William and Mary.

Until I noticed that the dumpster had this logo on it:

It is green and gold.

And yes, our college boy came home just in time for all our snow!


Lori said...

You know those logos do look a lot alike! Very observant Hannah! Enjoy all your snow, we are supposed to get our share on Christmas!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so sweet! Love the snow pics too!

Mel said...

Funny! The snow looks like fun. We're having a very New Zealand Christmas- with sun and a barbecue :)

Monica Crumley said...

How cute. I'll bet you're enjoying having big brother home. :-)

My name is Sarah said...

haa thats a good story. It looks like you are having fun in the snow Hannah.

Tara said...

Made me lol! Those logos DO look alike. Enjoy the snow!

Katie Ham said...

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