December 4, 2009

Dashing Through the Field, in a One-Horse Open Cart

Tappie the Wonder Pony

How much fun is this??

Blaze's hunting season out in the country.
Away go the Three Musketeers! Cady, Sarah and Hannah.

We just love this family. Hannah started taking horsemanship lessons in September. I always tell instructors what they're in for when I sign Hannah up for lessons of any kind. Nobody has ever batted an eyelash, but I like to start off with open communication with teachers, so they are comfortable coming to me if there are concerns or questions.

I have to say that this family is the best. They are the definition of a warm welcome. The kids (all five), are happy to include Hannah in everything, from skinning a freshly shot deer to swinging on the swingset. With 8 horses, 2 dogs, 8 cats, and numerous chickens, there is never a dull moment. We. Love. It.


NanTalk this evening, after going downstairs to get a bedtime drink of water:

"I've got my drink and I'm bringing up my flashlight. That way I can see like a jaguar."


Stephanie said...

So cool. Can't wait to get Christopher started. Big Chris's (Dad) family raises horses and leases them to the Amish. We have a family that has Christopher's horse and are training it as a therapy horse for us. The neat thing is that they have a little girl who has DS. :)

When I was preg with Christopher, his horses Mom was preg with him. She was OBSESSED with me. She would rub her head on my belly and follow me around like a puppy dog. If I didn't pay attention to her, she would like my elbows!!! The goats and my sister's German Shepherd did it too (the elbow thing). I think they knew about Christopher. :)


Brandie said...

Looks like fun!