August 2, 2009


We went to Hannah's favorite Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate the end of bike camp. She surprised us and actually got a few bites in with her sticks!

She had a good last day at bike camp. We did end up with a smaller bike, which she can ride 80% independently (that means I/we still need to run next to her all the time, to step in when she needs help on the other 20%). Hopefully by next year she'll be able to move up to her larger bike, but for now, she can manage this one pretty well.

She hasn't given up on her goal to ride her bike--she still asks every evening if we can go for a bike ride. It is much easier to chase her on the smaller bike! Of course, we're limited by how not-in-shape we are, so we don't get very far. James and I are tag-teaming her. We also pretend that we need her to practice braking so we can catch our breath!

Next up: Tooth pulled on Tuesday. Not going to be that much fun, but it won't be that bad either. I already have the Versed. Maybe I should take it instead of Nan! I think it might be more fun that way. At least for me.


Ria said...

Good job on the chopsticks. Maybe one day you'll see her catching flies with them just like in the Chinese movies. (Kidding!)
And I love how determined she is to learn to ride a bike. Way to go Hannah!

Karen said...

Please tell me that she has zero fine motor difficulties. I can't eat a thing with chopsticks, and that would just be embarrasing. But go, Hannah!

Stephanie said...

Hi--You've got a lovely family and your little Hannah seems like so much fun! I noticed your oldest daughter is going to be going to Jordan to work with special needs kids. I would just love to hear what she finds in the way of cultural attitudes there esp. regarding DS. My husband is from the Palestinian territories and his entire family is still over there. Let's just say, the whole thing has had a very secretive and dare I say shameful overtone every since our beautiful boy was born in Feb. My husbands great with our son, but it has been frustrating dealing with some of the cultural attitues regarding DS. Anyway, I love your blog and thanks.

Unknown said...

I'm very impressed with Hannahs chop stick skill. Congrats on riding a bike. That's fantastic!

Dustin and Kelly said...

Hannah, that is so cool that you can use chopsticks, because I totally can't! And way to go, helping your parents get in shape (you know what you are doing, don't you -wink, wink)!!

Heidi said...

Wow - good job with the chopsticks Hannah! I'm glad to hear her bike riding is going well. It's great that she wants to go for a bike ride every evening!