August 24, 2009

Back in the saddle

Saddle meaning my computer chair, of course.

My back is back. It's actually working! And now that I am functional, I have discovered again how much I don't like running behind Hannah on her bike in the summer. It doesn't help that I've had no cardio exercise in several weeks. But, I did manage to make two rounds of our route tonight. She hasn't lost any skills from our break in practicing, so that's good. She really enjoys riding--doesn't let a day go by without asking to ride!

Chris is settling into the dorm. I guess. They are keeping him busy so we haven't heard very much from him. Orientation has taken up virtually every waking minute of his days. Today he met with his academic advisor and tomorrow he finally gets to register for classes (just in time too-classes start on Wednesday!). He's now toying with the idea of Neuroscience instead of Biology. Fortunately he has a semester to figure it out before declaring his major.


Who knew?

Who knew that Cinderella was living right here in our own house?

Look! The Grand Duke came to try the glass slipper on my foot. I tried really hard to make it fit. But he didn't buy it.

Then the Duke learned there was another maiden in the household.

Look! The glass slipper fits!

The Prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after.

Finally, at the table this evening:

James: "How do you like your dinner?"

Nan, who apparently was quite hungry: "It's glorious."


Heidi said...

A glass slipper - how exciting! Hannah is a beautiful Cinderella!

Dawn said...

I loved your version of Cinderella.

Thank you so much for your comment on my "Seizure Salad" blog. I accidentally went to "The Bates Motel" blog and thanked Becca. You know, when you do something embarassing online, it's just out there in all it's written glory.

Anyway, thanks for sharing such a sweet story. It definitely made me smile.

I'm glad your back is feeling better. I hope it stays that way.

Sheena said...

That picture is PRECIOUS!!!!