August 15, 2009

Back Home!

We're happily home.
Filthy and damp.
Hungry for our own beds.
Happy from riding horses.
Stained from tie-dying t-shirts.
Silly songs stuck in our heads.
Scared from the Zip-line.
Soggy from swimming.
Pleased with the crayfish in the river, turtles in the pond.
Aching from climbing the rock wall.
New friends in our hearts,
and thrilled we don't have to Kiss the Moose anymore!

Here's a girl who's happy to be home and clean!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time...and happy to be home sweet home :)

Catherine Just said...

thank you for your comment on my blog! Nice to meet others who understand the joy of raising a child with Ds!

Brandie said...

Sounds like a great time! I bet everyone sleeps good in their own bed!

Lisa said...

Now THAT is what I call a bubble bath! Wow, it's even frothier than the ones in the movies! Welcome home :)

Beverly said...

looks like Hannah is happy to be home. Great photo!