August 9, 2009

Been a little out of commission

I'm really not ignoring you dear Blog Readers! Somewhere between the oral surgeon on Tuesday and later on Wednesday I did something to make my lower back really mad. It might have been doing handstands in the pool, and then aggravated by a very bumpy ride on the lawn mower. It's all muscular as far as I can tell. I'm fine if I am standing, or lying down in certain positions, but other than that, there is a good deal of discomfort.

So I've been on hiatus. I tried medicating with a Happy Hour(s) on Friday. That was fun, but didn't really help the back! I've had lots of time in the whirlpool bath, and a session with "my" massage therapist (shout out to Kim!). I actually felt pretty good this morning. Before I got out of bed. It's tightening up again as the morning progresses.

I must be getting really old!

I don't have much time to laze around today since tomorrow we're off for our last big event of the summer! Lots of packing and organizing to do. We are heading to Camp Easter Seals in the Blue Ridge mountains! It's family week!

We'll have our own cabin, and have the whole regular ol' summer camp experience. There are several families in our local Down sydrome group who are going as well. It will be fun to have time to be together! I'm hoping that Hannah will become comfortable at camp and in another year or two she'll be ready to go it alone.

I am also hoping that I don't have to sleep in the Tipi.

'Til next week....
p.s. Hannah recovered well from the oral surgery-she's back to 100%.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your upcoming trip to the Easter Seals camp sounds FUN!

I hurt my back about six years ago by waxing my legs for the first time. (Yes, funny, ha ha...Not so funny when I had to explain to the gorgeous doc on call in emergency what happened.)

Anyway, I literally couldn't walk for about four days. I think it was a double sprain in my SI joints.

Once I had some mobility, I did a series of GENTLE back stretches. Do a search online and you should find some good ones. Honestly, it was the stretches that helped me get back to walking with comfort.

Take good care!

Anonymous said...

Not fun about the back. I regularly visit my chiropractor for hip/lower back issues. Not a fun pain. Hope you feel better soon. For muscles, I use the Thermocare for long car rides. Helps. (along with lots of tylenol)

There was a camp around here that sounded interesting. We may put it on our list once the kids get a bit older. I'm not much of a 'camper', so I like a cabin.


Lori said...

It looks like camp was fun, I sure hope you are feeling better and got to enjoy it yourself!