July 31, 2009

One bike, two bike, pink bike, blue bike

Quick post:

Hannah dreaded going to bike camp on Thursday. I dreaded going to bike camp on Thursday. She was sure she was going to crash. I was sure she was going to crash. She was slated to ride outside in the parking lot. 94 degrees and 90% humidity. Sunshine.

My plan for her to survive:

Give her Rescue Remedy (homeopathic remedy for stress or injury--emotional or bodily).
See if the director of the camp would let her ride a smaller bike (a big no-no with Lose the Training Wheels-LTTW).
Wear protective gear.
Drink lots of ice water.

What happened:

Hannah happily took her "Bravery medicine". The previous night, the director had discussed Hannah with some top LTTW recreational therapists and their idea was the same as mine. Yay! Hannah warmed up (so to speak...the gym is air conditioned) on the smaller 20" LTTW bike. She really liked it. She kept saying, "It's not so bad! It's not so bad!" The director is a mechanical engineer, so he monitored her movements and reactions on the small bike.

We went outside to try her big bike one more time (the gym had more kids/riders in it). I rode a bike in front of her, so she could chase me. She did okay, but still couldn't keep her speed up to ride steadily. We tried a few other variations, with me running her bike, her volunteer running in front of her, etc. Everyone was so hot!

After 20 minutes we went back inside. James planned to come for the last 30 minutes to give Hannah a morale boost, so we were just getting cooled down when he came.

Back on the small bike, Hannah did great. She barely needed any re-direction (the handle on the back of the bike can be touched lightly to straighten out). And the clincher was that she started telling jokes to the "audience" as she passed the bleachers. We hadn't heard a joke in 2 days!

Now we're in the market for a smaller bike. With forward pedals and high handlebars (doesn't exist, except at LTTW). And this time, no 75% discount. We'll keep her bigger bike until she's a stronger rider.

I am really happy that she didn't quit! So is she! We still will have to work daily to perfect her skills, but I'm feeling like it's manageable.


Beverly said...

so happy she had a good time after all. I look so forward to Noah learning to ride!

Monica said...

Oh Beth, that is so exciting!!!! That video could have been Adam and I last summer :) We didn't do LTTW camp, but I was running holding onto his bike every once in a while for a good month!!! I am so happy she didn't give up, trust me I felt like it a few times last year and I know Adam did too!!!

Way to go Hannah!!!! You are doing amazing, keep practicing, you are doing GREAT!!!!

Unknown said...

It is so cool to watch her riding! The thing that get me though is the wopman that has to run beside her... I would be drenched in sweat and thinking I was dying after one lap. Kudos to the volunteers!!!

Kim said...

What's this bike camp? Maybe I need to go cause I hate riding a bike...lol.

Brandie said...

Awesome! I loved watching the video. I will always remember after Goldie was diagnosed my husband telling me everything would be ok and that she would still learn to ride a bike!

Tracy said...

That is great!!!!! Definitely a workout for you though. I am still trying to teach Rachel how to just pedal. It will be a while before she can do the camp.

Natalie said...

Amazing bike riding! She looks so steady and controlled. And nice running. I could NEVER do that!!!