May 5, 2009

So far so good for today

For those of you awaiting the outcome of Hannah's "challenging" Girl Scout troop, I have good news! 

I just got an email from the field supervisor (whatever that is) and she has a new troop for Hannah!  I have not yet spoken to the troop leader, but I am excited for a new beginning for Hannah. Here's hoping for a fresh start!

It's pouring down rain (again) today, and we're holed up awaiting the refrigerator repairman (problem with the water/ice dispenser).   We had a good morning of school, which we've been neglecting for quite a while.  Hannah is making good progress with her GS badge requirements.  She is also working on counting money, so we set up a penny candy store (M&Ms and fruit snacks) and took turns with a handful of change.  We've been working on skip counting as well (2,4,6,8, etc), so it was a fun activity to pull everything together.   I think we'll set up a grocery store soon to review 10s and dimes.

Yesterday Hannah received a package from Maman (my mother).  It was a set of books--The Pet Fairy books.  Hannah was SO excited!  Kate recommended the Rainbow Fairy books for Hannah because she babysits a girl who just loves them.  They are beginning chapter books, similar in difficulty to Magic Tree House.  These are the first chapter books that Hannah will read independently.  She still prefers to read chapter books together, but she likes these fairies' adventures so much she will read by herself.   She's just now starting the first of the Pet Fairy books while I'm on the computer.  If I leave her waiting long enough she might just read the whole book!
Today is Chris' last day of classes at the community college!  He has two exams on Thursday and then he's done!   He still has to work on his German (on the computer), but he is pretty close to completing everything! 

Kate has just a couple of weeks left of school (lots of papers and exams...ugh...I remember it well, even though it was 23 years ago!). We are in the early stages of preparing for our trip to Minnesota for her graduation over Memorial Day weekend.  Hannah is very excited to go to the Mall of America to see the American Girl store there.  She has been saving money and gift certificates since Christmas.  I guess we'd better bring an extra suitcase for the doll paraphernalia.  Also on Hannah's list is visiting Kate's boyfriend's house.  Hannah has been wanting to play an electric guitar for years (Thanks Murray Wiggle) and John has a few...he plays guitar in his band Bright Lights and Heroes.  When Hannah first asked for an electric guitar I told her she had to be a teenager first.  So she's been counting down the months.  22 to go.  Save me.

I've got bread dough rising in the warm oven--makes for a cozy house!  It feels like a weekend, but it's only Tuesday. How does that happen?


Wendy said...

MMMMMMMM!!! I want warm bread dough! I am so glad that they found another troop for Hannah... More to the point I hope it is as fabulous a group as her Arts & Crafts group!

If you get an eletric guitar I am sending my two wild ones up there to play... (at least after that you will appreciate Hannahs ability..LOL)

rx said...

i am so so happy to hear this!!!! i hope for a great new leader and troop. catching up on the blog here, and it occurred to me that trisomic is a rocking name for a band. piano, cello, harp....hmmm

Beverly said...

looks like you will busy for a while with graduations. Glad you got a new troop for Hannah, I hope it is much better!

Monica said...

mmmm, nothing like fresh baked bread on a rainy day!!!!!!!!

You are a way funnier home school mom, we have been working on counting money, we pretend to buy pencils and erasers etc. LOL maybe I'll use that idea on one of his days he just doesn't want to work!!!

Hope we can hook up when you are in MN!!

Kate said...

Trisomic! Perfect! Now I just need an electric harp....

Yesterday felt like a weekend to me too...maybe it had something to do with Sarah's Just realized that this is my last weekend before finals.

which is my last weekend before graduation.