May 22, 2009

Goodbye St. Olaf, Hello World!

We're off to Minnesota today for Kate's graduation!   We're so very proud of her!  She has accomplished so much, graduating in just three years!   

She will be receiving her Bachelor's degree in history.   She is very interested in Russian history (way to go Boris!) as well as ancient history.  She has an interest in Arabic as well.   So her upcoming placement in the Peace Corps will be a terrific next step in exploring the world!    She is anticipating an invitation to work with special needs children in Jordan in the fall.   What an adventure!!   

You can leave her a congratulatory message on her blog
 (also, if you scroll down the page you can see a video of her harp concert in April).

We are looking forward to a very busy weekend in Northfield...concerts, dinners, meeting friends--old and new, GRADUATION, packing up the dorm room, etc.   Besides seeing Kate (#1!!!), Hannah's priorities are a pit-stop at the American Girl store in the Mall of America, and playing Farmboy's electric guitar (Kate's boyfriend).  It will all be great!


Monica said...

We can't wait to meet you!!!!

You must be so proud, and how cool joining the Peace Corps, if I got to do it over again that is what I'd love to do!!! I hope she blogs about her adventures!!!!!

See you Saturday!!

Beverly said...

congrats!!!! she is beautiful and wow, what an adventure she will have in the peace corps. You must be very proud! Hope you all have a great time!

grammy em lee said...

Congradulations Kate!! I know God has blessed you with a great education and a wonderful family. May god our heavenly Father continue to bless you as you go forward in your chosen career goals.

Em Lee
Friend of Deb/Anya.

mauimom said...

Enjoy yourself in MN, we are originally from there. You have amazing children! It is hard these days to graduate in 4 years, so for Kate to do it in 3 is remarkable.

Charissa said...

She is such a beautiful girl. You must be proud.