May 8, 2009

Another day, another car...

Well, I've been preoccupied with a few things lately.  It took me a few days to write that last post, and I'm not so sure it's exactly what I wanted to say, but, at least it's out there.   Good enough. 

Last week Chris was in a fender bender.  Nobody was hurt, barely any damage to the car that slammed on it's brakes in front of him.  However, as it happens to The Boy,  a 15 mph bump turns into a car that is totaled.  Yes.  The car he bumped had a trailer hitch, which went right through his grille and punctured his radiator.   That, plus the body work needed to complete the repair his car gave the insurance company enough excuse to declare it totaled.   So we've been one car shy--it doesn't make for smooth logistics (that is written in mildly-grumbling font).  I've already seen him removed from a car in a C-collar on a back board, so I'm not really complaining. There are no broken bones.  We really are blessed.

The good news is that he is now done with classes and exams, so he is officially done with High School!!!   We won't have his graduation until some time in July (for those of you who are confused, he's dual enrolled at the community college, so he has classes there and he's homeschooled for his other classes).    

He gets to start off his summer nice and early!  He is taking his scuba certification dives this weekend.  It should be a little chilly in the quarry!   He has to make 5 dives and then he's set for warmer waters in the Caribbean in a few weeks.   Yes, I am jealous.

Other Chris news is that he will have his bone density scan next week.  We are really curious about what it will show!  After a full year of various supplements (he has a mild brittle bone disease), we hope that he'll be DENSE.


I'm sorry to announce that Fish-Ka-Bob has gone to the great septic system in the yard.  He sustained an injury from an exuberant aquarium interior decorator who will remain nameless.   He was a good fish and we were sorry to see him go.   There will be no more unauthorized interior decorating of the aquarium from this point forward.

To end on a happier note, here are a few Hannah quotes from the past few days:

"I've got a smile on my face because I can't wait to see my sister!"

While watching The Sound of Music:  Kurt says, "I'm Kurt.  I'm 10 and I'm incorrigible."
Hannah: "Just like me!!!"

And, she's taken to quoting Shaggy:  "Give me liberty or give me pizza pie!"



liesel said...

She is adorable!

Monica said...

Glad to hear that Chris is alright, but sorry about the car situation~

And Chris Congratulations!!!! on your graduation!

I hope you plan on posting the results of the bone density scan, and what supplements you tried, inquisitive minds would love to know :)

sending my condolences to Fish-Ka-Bob

Hannah I am so happy for you that you will soon be reunited with your sister, I know how hard that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that Chris got into an accident. But I am so relieved that he is ok.

Kate said...

Hannah--Me too!

Jennifer H said...

Again with the cars!!! I'm so glad he was okay this time. I'm curious how the scan turns out as well. Did I tell you the boys are getting those now as well. Or at least Ethan is now getting them yearly, the twins will start this year I believe. So far, so good though, so hopefully it keeps up!