March 1, 2009


Hannah was hoping this lamp post would bring her to a magical land.

The weatherwoman got it right....three+ inches. So far it's been coming down at an inch an hour. Chris' classes are already canceled for tomorrow. Even if we only end up with a few more inches, y'all have to remember, this is Virginia...we don't have snow plows. Well, actually I don't know if they do. I know that North Carolina doesn't, and I've only ever seen one in the four years we've been in VA.

I'm hoping Hannah isn't going to ask for Turkish Delight. Hot cocoa I can do, but I'm currently out of Turkish Delight.

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Wendy said...

Don't worry Virginia definitely has snow plows! Well unless they have sold them on craigslist due the fact that the past few years they have only been taking up space!