March 28, 2009

By the numbers

1 last trip to Northfield for Kate--she leaves tomorrow to finish her final semester.

2 times we ate out at restaurants this week: Cheesecake Factory and Saigon River (Vietnamese).

3 crazy kids making noise!

4 newly planted baby broccoli plants were eaten from the garden by Bunsen.

5 nights we will spend at Easter Seals Family Camp this summer--we just got our confirmation letter! We are excited to spend this time with Hannah!

6 dozen molasses cookies (Katie's favorite) were devoured within 24 hours. And not just by Kate.
7 colors Hannah used to paint a terra cotta flower pot yesterday.

8 weeks until Katie's graduation!

9 years since Hannah had her open heart surgery.

10 minutes Hannah has been waiting for me to say goodnight.

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Natalie said...

Awesome by the numbers!