March 22, 2009

Blog Award

My blogging friend Beverly gave me this award (a couple weeks ago...I don't mean to be delinquent! I am appreciative, I just always seem to be running late in everything I do these days--but hey! I did get the World DS Day post up on time!) Thanks Beverly!
Beverly and I found each other through the Homeschooling Down Syndrome Yahoo group. Her son Noah is bright and charming. At least, from what I know of him on his blog! She has lots of great ideas for homeschooling, or "bonus schooling" for those of you who do your homeschooling after regular school! Her March 4th post about making a book is perfect for those of you who are looking for ideas for making high interest personalized books (this means you Sonja, Kelly, Catherine, Wendy, Kim, Deb, Donna R....). Go take a look!
For this award, I am to share 7 things I love and then nominate 7 more blogs. And, as usual, I will pawn off some of my seven things to Hannah. Or, no, maybe I will do my 7 and then her 7.
Here goes:
Seven Things I Love

1. Family
2. Fresh baked goods out of the oven.
3. The smiles of Hannah and her cousin Mary when they are together.
4. Dogs (too bad I’m allergic to most of them)
5. Hot Chocolate
6. My close-to-my-heart friends, Roxanne and Wendy
7. Freedom—in my country and in my life

Hannah loves:
1. Noodles (her first two word phrase was "More noodles")
2. Her siblings
3. Books (my mother is so happy!)
4. Swimming
5. Chocolate
6. Teddy Bear: Molasses
7. Coloring and drawing

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Aww shucks you make me smile AND I wanna come PLAY!!!!!

I am now behind on my postings between house quests, broken computer cable and the fact the battery won't hold a charge more than 3 minutes!

And my little birds must be whispering in your ears...this months LP session incudes Personal, High Interest books :-)