January 29, 2009

Going Fishin'

We had a treat yesterday! The Virginia Living Museum had special classes for homeschoolers, so we packed up a couple of good friends and made the journey. Here are some of Hannah's pictures of the day (and a few I took as well). (Captions in quotes are from Hannah as well.)

"Here are some fish. I like them. They are shiny"

Hannah and Katie D., cheesin' for the camera.

"The puffer fish is BLOAT."

"The shark is soooo cool!"

"This guy is sad. And venomous."

The girls also participated in a class about skeletons. Here's Hannah with Mr. Bones. We got to see many types of skeletons, and several live animal examples as well. Hannah's favorite was the Screech Owl. My favorite was the bull frog.

"That's so cute!"

Now back to our regularly scheduled schoolwork...I don't wanna.

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Anonymous said...

"This guy is sad. And venemous."

Cracks me bananas.