January 30, 2009


I don't think I've mentioned that Hannah is an avid artist. She LOVES to draw and to color. She hated it as a preschooler, but somewhere around age 5 she fell in love with crayons and markers. There is not a day that goes by without colors or paper. She really likes coloring books. When she gets a new one, she won't begin to color in it until she has read the entire story. I don't think I ever realized there actually is a story in most coloring books until I had to listen to her read one once. If she had her way, she'd have access to paint every day as well. We only paint about once a week...I'm so cruel.

Her love for drawing and coloring is great because she is always happy while waiting (doctor's offices, restaurants, meetings) or in the car. Like most homeschoolers, we also have a period of time on most days where we "car-school".

A few days ago she drew these, which are good examples of the things she likes to draw. (click to enlarge if you like)

Hannah on a horse. I like the reigns which go all the way around the horse's neck. Hannah is very detailed with ears--these are so big the riding helmet couldn't fit on her head!

"Monkeys swingin' on the vine."

"Madeline's house, covered with vines."

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Brandie said...

My favorite is Madeline's house, but I have a special place in my heart for her. I spent a couple years dressing her and her friends, singing her songs, reading her books, etc... Hannah's drawings are spectacular!

I'm a fellow homeschooler and mom of a 2 yo w/ DS. I found your blog while wandering the internet.