January 6, 2009

New Goldfish

We've been in our new house for more than a year now, and Hannah has been patiently waiting for the empty aquarium in her room to be set up. A few months ago I bought a couple of goldfish in bowls to distract her so we could procrastinate even longer. It's still working, so we still have not set up the filter, nor washed the new aquarium gravel; no progress whatsoever. Well, I did let her choose a plastic plant a while back, if that counts as progress....

One of the fish (Nemo) died a couple months ago, so yesterday we finally bought a replacement.

On the way home from the pet store Hannah was trying out names for the new fish. It, apparently, is a boy.

Here is a partial list of naming options:




Goldie (when questioned whether the fish was actually gold, the answer was, "Oh yes, mom, gold is a kind of orange.")




Robert (the guy in "Enchanted")


And then, the best fish name I've ever heard:



Wendy said...

Okay mom...... there is less maintenance if you set up the actual tank instead of the bowls you have to wash out and refill ALL THE TIME!! Especially if you throw a couple of algae eaters in with FISH-KA-BOB (and yes that is a fabulous name!)


Anonymous said...

We vote for Fish-ka-bob!

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to your blog today by my best friend, Kelly Carpenter (www.thecarpentersx4.blogspot.com) and I just wanted to say congratulations on such a beautiful family. You certainly have lived not only the length of your life...but the width as well. Your children certainly are lucky to have a mother that has taught them the value of self-awareness and acceptance. Good for you!

Kim said...

LOL. I can't stop laughing a Fish ka bob! That is flippin hilarious.

exnyers said...

HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE fish-ka-bob!!! That is, without a doubt, THE best fish name ever! Hannah rules!

Kim L.

Natalie said...

It just has to be Fish-ka-bob!

I've always wondered why orange fish are called goldfish.

All 4 My Gals said...

I LOVE it!