January 26, 2009

Sam I am

Since we have to leave the house by 11:30a.m. on Mondays we streamline our schooling in the morning (because, of course, we're laggards and are not ready to start anything before about 10:00). Usually it's all fun stuff on Monday mornings, geoboards and rubber bands, fraction tiles, Numicon, lame comprehension workbooks (the ones where you read a passage and then have to answer multiple choice questions), puzzles, etc. Today I pulled out a new thing, a boxed set of contraction flash cards. Hannah has recently had a few spelling words that are contractions, but we haven't really discussed them at length. She thought it was pretty interesting to magically turn some letters into an apostrophe!

When we finally got around to the contraction, "I am=I'm" she said:

"I am Sam. Sam I'm."

This girl cracks me up.

On to more gross topics. Proceed with caution if you are squeamish about innards or are vegetarian.

This afternoon: Dissection Class! Today it was frogs. I was busy working in the library while Nan was in class. She came out towards the end of class to find me and her camera.

She was able to show me the heart, liver, and even eggs (someone else's frog)
She also has learned the basics of using a microscope.

I think we'll be hearing about this for quite a while. She just loves it all!


Beverly said...

Hanna is so beautiful! She is brave, I could not touch that frog! I found your blog thru the homeschooling yahoo list. Nice to meet you! We also homeschool.

liesel said...

I thought that frog was laying on your coffee maker! That freaked me out a little. :)

Lori said...

Wow, you are already dissecting?? My husband even commented on how we didn't do that until high school, way to go! (And no, we aren't skittish around frog innards in this family)

The contraction cards look like a great supplement as well. That is something I will keep in mind for when we are there!

Keep these great blogs coming!

Beth said...

Yeah, now that you mention it Charissa, it does look like Mr. Coffee! Ewww!

All 4 My Gals said...

She is so funny! Homeschooling is so cool. :-)