September 5, 2008

Not just herbivores

Skip this post if you are a vegetarian. Our eldest is a chickentarian. She does not eat mammals. When she is home, we respect this and rarely eat other meat in her presence.

She's gone back to school now, so we have more menu options. The other day we went to a new Brazilian Steak House. We had never been to one, so we were surprised when the guy came out and told us that they'd be bringing us 13 different kinds of meat. Hannah's immediate response was, "I'm a carnivore!"

No, we didn't make it through all 13 meats. It was an impressive display, and an impressive bill as well.

We're not big Disney fans, but each of my children has gone through a phase of loving The Lion King movie at some point. Each of them can quote large sections of dialog from the movie, and the older ones can sing "Hakuna Matata" in harmony. In the movie, there is one hyena who says, "Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa" really fast.

Tonight we had kielbasa and cabbage, a warm meal on a rainy evening (Tropical Hanna is slowly arriving). When Hannah sat down to dinner, she said, "Kielbasa, kielbasa, kielbasa", just like a hyena.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm a carnivore!" She is so funny. I am looking forward to meeting Hannah very soon.
Taking a second look at all of your pictures.....I wanted to say that we have a red head club too. I am not a member...but three of our five children are... :)