September 1, 2008

I have blatantly swiped this from another blog...I hope that isn't a breach of ettiquette. Forgive me. I am new here.

Our Picasso

Michelle at DownBlogger has it on her blog. See? I am not so authentic as you thought!

I think it is worth sharing. I'm not really plagiarizing am I? I'm giving her credit for what she rightfully swiped from someplace else (straight from YouTube as far as I know). And besides, my blog is serving a completely different audience than hers is. I think.
(you hush now, Winter)


Wendy said...

Bawhaha hehe ho ho!! I SAY NOTHING will laugh hysterically! But mostly because I HAVE NO CHILDREN!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so moved by this youtube video. What a wise girl she is, and the video speaks volumes. May I use it on mine? I would like others to see it.
Also, can I add a link to your blog to my blog? :)

Anonymous said...

PS With feedjit, you can go to live feed and remove your IP address, so one can not tell how often the website has been checked. :) Good one for us stalkers. LOL