September 28, 2008

Virginia Peninsula Buddy Walk


Hannah and I went back to our old stomping grounds to participate in the First Annual DSAVP Buddy Walk. For a small group (about 12 active families), they did en excellent job. I think there were over 250 people there--new families, community volunteers (always warms the heart to have 50 high schoolers get up early on a Saturday morning to help!), and just people who happened upon the Buddy Walk.

We drove down on Friday to help with preparations. Fortunately I arrived late enough that they had already finished most of the work! We did have to blow up a few balloons...thank you Robbie for the air compressor!

The weather on Saturday, which was expected to be iffy, decided to cooperate. I tell ya, every Buddy Walk I've been to has been HOT HOT HOT. Again, what was expected to be a cool, rainy day, turned into a sunny 87 degree sauna, just what we're used to in Virginia (if you don't like in the south, you really don't know humidity). Much better than rain on our parade!

One of the first people Hannah saw was her friend Dieona.

They are a pair of characters.

Well, I guess these are a pair of Characters.

Here are some of the Buddy Volunteers with Hannah. They were great! You can see how tall Hannah really is, at age 10, standing with the High Schoolers!

Hannah tends to melt in the heat and sun (unless there is a lake or pool). So I brought her giant stroller along in case she was worn out by the walk. Good thing too--she needed it. We usually use it just on big trips (airports, Disney World, NYC, etc), but it's handy for events like this.

Here we are crossing the finish line!

Thanks to everyone who supported Hannah in this Buddy Walk!

Now we have two weeks to countdown to the next Buddy Walk in Richmond...I think we'll be recovered and ready for more fun!

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Wendy said...

I love that picture of Hannah and Deiona. Girls with sass! Thanks so much for ALL YOUR HELP. I must confess Kim and I plotted as to how to keep you here... but all the ideas we came up with we didn't think (key word) would work!

PS:Carley keeps telling me you did the braids!