July 1, 2009

$36.91 for admission? What a deal!

Baseball season is over. We missed the last game while at bike camp, but got the team pictures the other day. The Miracle League is great. I have mixed feelings about putting Hannah into segregated settings, but I know that she'd not have any fun at all on a regular softball team. She could probably manage the batting, but she doesn't have good fielding skills. And the games would be way too long. She loves to play baseball, and the Miracle League makes it happen. And we love it!

In other family news, Kate has begun doing respite care for Miss Delicious herself, Lois. Kate also will begin her training at Starbucks for her other job while she waits for the rest of her life to begin. Chris has not had much luck at finding a paying job, so he will be polishing up his German online and doing some volunteer work. Only 7 weeks until he leaves for college!

We will be home for the next couple of weeks--hallelujah!

In blogging news, there is a family awaiting the birth of precious Kaitlyn next month. Her mom, Jenee, just started a blog, so go give her a warm welcome! I see that she is already getting plenty of traffic (once you get listed on Sarah's blog, you get everywhere! You are so amazingly popular Sarah!!).

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My name is Sarah said...

That is so cool. Your picture is on a game ticket. Awesome. I am playing Blue Ribbon baseball this year. I think it is like your Miracle League. I started a few years ago when my age girls started playing fast pitch. It scared me the ball was going so fast. Oh thanks for mentioning me:)