June 16, 2009

Sweet girl(s)

Today Hannah spent nearly all morning coloring and drawing. She was at it for hours. She received a new set of crayons from Kate when we were in Minnesota. Crayola decided to get a sense of humor! We had a good time reading some of the new crayon names:

Banana mania
Electric lime
Unmellow yellow
Outer Space
Wild Blue Yonder
Neon carrot
Tickle me pink
Fuzzy wuzzy

My personal favorite: Manatee

Hannah's best: Macaroni and Cheese

She worked for a long time on a picture of Giselle (from the movie Enchanted). It was for Daddy.
I told her that it was time to finish up to get ready for lunch.
She sweetly said, "But first I have to write a love note to Daddy."


We had a small going away party for two of Hannah's friends this afternoon.

(this picture is from March at the Hair-Cut-a-thon)
These sisters are in our homeschool girl's group, and they are soon moving to Texas. They have their own in-home baking business: The Pattycakes. They make delicious cakes for holidays.
We went into the city for ice cream and to give them their Don't-forget-us-we-love-you-lots gifts: monogrammed aprons for their business. They looked so cute in them! I wish we had the chef hats to go with the aprons! After the ice cream we all went to another friend's house and the girls caught baby toads and found newly hatched birds in a nest. It was a great afternoon!


Beverly said...

love those new crayola names! how sweet, a love note to Daddy, love it.

Heidi said...

I love those crayon names too! Crayons were never that exciting when I used them!

Monica said...

Sounds like a beautiful day! Though sad to say good bye to friends~ I love the name of their business!