June 18, 2009

Old friends/gone visiting

Just before we left for the beach we had a quick rendez-vous with some old friends from North Carolina. Holly and Chris have three kids, Girl, Boy, Girl, same as we do, but theirs are a couple of stair steps younger than ours.

Holly and I taught Christian Formation (=Sunday School) back when Hannah was a preschooler. We had an extreme amount of fun together--it was a very creative, exploratory, hand's on class, and we laughed and loved on the children.

When we moved to Virginia, Hannah and Jacob became penpals and corresponded off and on for the past four years. So we were all excited to get together for dinner at a pit stop as they were en route to Washington DC for a family field trip (they homeschool too).

Hannah was so excited to see Jacob (even if he did make bunny ears!)!

There's a chance we'll get to see Jacob again soon, since Hannah and I are heading to Charlotte tomorrow. Hannah is attending a Lose the Training Wheels camp next week, along with Emma (see below). The girls did the same camp two years ago, and learned lots of skills, but they are ready for a brush up. Hannah has been preparing for camp by going to the gym with me and doing the stationary bike, getting her legs stronger. My parents live just outside of Charlotte, and we'll be staying with them. We are looking forward to seeing lots of old friends! Pools, lakes, trolleys, bikes, beaches, pancakes, sunshine!

P.S. Please click on the Bone Marrow link on the sidebar!! Really, all it takes is a swab of your cheek, and it's free. Only FOUR DAYS LEFT!!!!

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Jeanette said...

We (DSACT) are doing the Lose the Training wheels program this summer. I am excited to see how it goes.