June 25, 2009

Road trip fun!

(click to enlarge--she really is the cutest bug in town)

We are having a great time in Charlotte! We've been so busy, Hannah hasn't gotten in to bed until almost 11p.m. each night. Fortunately we don't have to leave for camp until 10:45a.m. so she recoups over night.

Hannah is doing well at Lose the Training Wheels. Two years ago she was miserable and marginally successful. I was prepared for a re-play of the same, but she is just loving it this year! I will save the pictures of camp until we're home--I need time and my own computer to edit them. She has two more days of camp and I think she has a good shot at coming home as a rider of a two-wheeler!

In our off hours we've been hanging around with lots of old friends and visiting our old stomping grounds--museums, beaches, community theater--the week is flying by. Tonight Hannah went to a swimming pizza party while I met up with a college friend I hadn't seen in 23 years (thanks Facebook!).
Who knew we'd meet Cinderella?

Hannah went to get a second helping and came back with the plate completely covered, so Abby had to help her out.

Butterfly Garden at the Nature Museum

My new profile picture?

Off and running (to bed). It's already tomorrow...


Unknown said...

I have wanted Lily to be able to ride a bike forever! I was about to give up and get her a three wheeler for her birthday next month, but reading your blog I might just wait and see if we can get the camp to come to Utah. Thank you for sharing!

Beverly said...

I love all the photos. you guys have so much fun! glad Hannah is doing well with bike camp. have fun and get some rest!

Cheryl said...

Hannah certainly is as cute as a bug!What a great picture!
So glad Hannah is having a great time!Way to go Hannah!

Heidi said...

Way to go Hannah on learning how to ride your bike without training wheels!

It sure sounds like you are having a great time! I love the pictures!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful job Hannah! Beth - thanks for stopping by our little blog. You are an inspiration to us. Can't wait to see what is next for all of you! :)


Steph and Christopher