January 20, 2011

Welcome home Kate!

Hazel was the most excited we've ever seen!

Sisters together again!  (One has cookie crumbs on her face...)

Bread! Cheese! Sandwich!  Big refrigerator!  So many things she missed from home!  

One day of rest, and then we're off to Charlotte to visit Grandparents for the weekend.


Mary said...

Welcome home, Cousin Katie!!

Holly S/NC said...

Yay! Welcome Home, Katie!
what is your next adventure??

Anonymous said...


Reunions are so special but by reading your blog, this one especially more so!

Welcome home to Kate!

Tracy said...

That is wonderful. I know you are glad to have her home!

Tracy said...

Welcome home Kate!!!!

Natalie said...

So exciting! It's going to be such a great time!