January 25, 2011

Nan Talk

Hannah:   SQUAWKsnap.....I'm making all those animal sounds.

Me:  Like what?  What kind of animals?

Hannah:   The Scarlet MaCrocodile     (The Scarlet Macaw is one of her favorite birds.)


Hannah:   I'm a terrific ballerina.   I can make all these beautiful moves.    My new name is Han-gelina Ballerina!


Tara said...

Funny! I just love that girl!

Mel said...

She's clever. A wordsmith and comedienne :)

Sheena said...

It's true! She is a beautiful ballerina!

Natalie said...

Love Han-gelina Ballerina! I confess--I used to love Angelina Ballerina. When the boys were young, I could dupe them into watching it. Now--not so much. Plus, it's a new version so I'm not as enamoured.