March 8, 2010

My Artist!

Hannah has had a big spurt in her artistic endeavors. She has cut back her coloring considerably, and now is into making odd (and frequently cute) mosaics using scissors, construction paper and tape. Lots of tape. Practically laminated with tape. That makes it difficult to scan or photograph.

She also has been drawing lots and lots.

At least 4 times a week we have an "art show" at the dinner table. No matter that there are only three of us. Usually I am the Emcee of the show, introducing the evening's selected artist, who invariably is our own Artist-in-Residence, Miss Hannah Duston. Then we page through the pile of papers she has produced during the day, sprinkling in descriptions and items of note. It ends with applause and a bow.

(One unsolicited tip, when admiring a child's artwork, never ever assume you know what it is supposed to be. You will be wrong more than 75%, and have a disappointed artist. The trick is not to talk about the elephant/rabbit/robot that might or might not be under a dump truck, but instead describe what you see in terms of color and movement: 'Wow! I see that you've used both crayon and pencil here. This red area looks really strong the way it arcs across the page...and this green part is really interesting. Tell me about it.' Don't judge and say, "This is BEAUTIFUL!!" because sometimes it might not be supposed to beautiful--and you won't know when it is.) (it does help if the artist actually labels her own art work) (end of tangent)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm please to introduce Tonight's Featured Artist, Miss Hannah Duston! These are works done during her late 11 year old phase, with a final flourish from art class, received today in her portfolio. All other pieces originate from home.

First attempt at a penguin, tape

Mosaic construction paper on construction paper, COVERED in tape. Placemat size.

glitter glue, marker, on printer paper (please note yellow line on road)

tempera paint on construction paper

construction paper with crayon and pencil on printer paper; tape.
(how 'bout those eyebrows?)

Crayon on printer paper

Pencil and crayon on construction paper, notebook paper, with tape.

pencil and crayon on construction and notebook paper, with tape

colored pencils (Wizard of Oz fans will recognize the yucky apple trees)

A self-portrait from art class. Quoting the artist, "I was really crazy that day!"

Art class self-portrait a few weeks later.

We really are so proud.


Wendy said...

Magnificently done Hannah!!

Anonymous said...

LOve it! She is very talented.


Anonymous said...

She is a great artist! I love the Before and After Hannah illustrations. I totally got that!

Sheena said...

Those are FABULOUS!

Amy said...

I am so impressed!

Crittle said...

Oh, I love love love these! What a talent!

I was giggling while looking at them last night and BD asked my what was the cause. It was the tape. Every mention of the tape made me tee-hee.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I LOVE Hannah's art!!! she REALLY is very very talented!!! thank you so much for posting pictures and sharing the artwork with us!!!!!

Brandie said...

These are fabulous!!

Holly S said...

I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the "before and after" self-portrait. Kinda reminded me of Caley (good days/bad days)....