March 12, 2010

Best Laid Plans

are easily corrupted by germs.


Me- cold virus morphed into pneumonia diagnosis

Hannah- began same cold virus.

Yesterday we had planned Hannah's family birthday celebration. The whole day was scheduled, but by the end of pottery class (first thing), she was petering out and I needed to see the doctor. Quickly followed by nap time.

Birthday restaurant plans cancelled at Hannah's request. She opted for chicken noodle soup. I got to have prednisone, antibiotics, narcotic cough medicine and a new inhaler (I have reactive airways, so pneumonia or bronchitis is not infrequent).

Hannah rallied a bit after opening her birthday gifts (who wouldn't be energized with a big check from Grandparents?), enough so that she thought going to Friendly's for ice cream was a good idea.

She didn't sleep very well during the night (and we did actually put her to bed instead of leaving her on the floor--good parenting skills!).


I'm feeling some better. She's got a fever. No trip to the Crayola Factory this weekend. We're hoping she'll be well enough for a quick jaunt to Philadelphia for the speech evaluation on Monday/Tuesday.

For now, toast, tea and TV are the order of the day.


Josette said...

Glad she perked up for a short time to enjoy her birthday gifts and ice cream. Loved the pictures and video. Happy, Happy Birthday to Hannah! Hope you are both well soon :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

so sorry to hear that you and hannah are sick, especially on and around her birthday! get well soon!

Tracy said...

So sorry to hear that you guys are sick. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Happy Birthday Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! You all feel better!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birtday to Hannah!!Sorry ya'll aren't feeling well:(
We have cold germs at our house too.

Mel said...

What a precious girl. Happy birthday Hannah! Hope you're feeling better soon and you can finish building your new lego :)

kim said...

happy birthday hannah! it looks like it was a pretty good birthday, all things considered :) and did i spy a stomp rocket among all that loot!?! nice!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Dear Hannah!!!

I loved your montage, Beth. Loved it.♥

By now, you should be all well! Thank goodness. :)