December 25, 2008

My brain is full of sugarplums

Sometimes Hannah will talk to her brain. She says things like, "Good job, brain!" when she has figured something out. Or, "Come on, brain, you can do it." when she's struggling with remembering something.

Tonight, after brushing her teeth, she reminded me to put out some cookies for St. Nick.

H: "I know Mom, we could leave Santa a carrot for his reindeer!"

Me: " A carrot? Who taught you about that?"

H: "My brain taught me. It's my friend."

Then, while Katie went to tuck her in bed:

K: "Good night, Hannah"

H: "Good night Katie. Don't forget sugarplums dancing in your head."


Pictures of the day:

No more gingerbread nudist colony.

A. She's really tall.
B. That tree is very small.
C. It's a weird illusion.
The correct answer is C. Please mark corrections on your papers.

The two red-heads.


Puppy love.

I wasn't allowed to post the REALLY silly pictures of the sisters, so I settled for this one.

I also wasn't allowed to post the dancing siblings. Isn't she beautiful?
Merry Christmas!


Natalie said...

Oh, I love "Anticipation." It's always the very best part and seeing it on her face is just priceless!

Wendy said...

I want to barrow some of Hannah's Suger Plums!! PLEEEEEZ!

And you tell Kate that I am going to let her slide this time for stealing my baby......... Only cause I have had her a couple of times and she was stuck freezing at college!!! ;-)