December 8, 2008

Away we go!

This will be our last trip of the year, and boy are we excited! No, not because it's the last, but because we are heading to New York City! My sister and her family live in Manhattan. That's five kids and two parents in a three bedroom apartment. It's a close-knit family!

Hannah's closest cousin is Mary, who is the middle child. They have been very close through the years. (If I had more time and patience, I'd put a cute baby picture of them together--they are 8 months apart. But since I haven't really packed yet...and we have to be out the door before 8a.m., I'm opting for sleep instead of hunting and scanning!)

Mary is a ballerina. Last spring Hannah and I went to NYC to see Mary in a production of The Sleeping Beauty. Here they are after the ballet:

Now Mary is performing in The Nutcracker--we are SO excited to see the ballet, and all the cousins! Hannah is so proud of Mary, she always calls her "My Best Cousin". I'm sure when we return we'll have lots to share.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of those two beautiful girls! I hope y'all have a fabulous time!!!