December 6, 2008

Photos by Hannah

Hannah's friend Elisabeth came over for a sleepover last night. They had lots of fun playing American Girl dolls and Webkinz. Later they watched "Annie" on DVD. That kept them up late enough that when the finally got to bed, they both conked out right away. They didn't even wake up until 9:30 this morning! Now that's my kind of sleepover!

Hannah took some pictures of the evening.

This morning I heard some giggling. Upon investigation, I found that Hannah discovered the confiscated Halloween candy (I shoulda thrown it out!). She filled her mini-claw machine with the candy and dumped out her piggy bank. They weren't even planning on eating any of the candy, they were just practicing their "claw skills"!

Elisabeth is so much fun--we can't wait until she can come again!


Anonymous said...

My favorite photo is the "nose"!! :)

All 4 My Gals said...

Very good pictures Hannah!