May 15, 2011

Piano practice

Hannah is busy preparing for all kinds of recitals in the next few weeks. It's choir on Monday and Tuesday, then dance all weekend.  We head off to the beach next Monday, and don't return until June 4th.  Soon after we're home it's piano recital time!

Tonight she called James into the music room for a "concert".   She's working on memorizing her piano pieces.  

She played through "Singing in the Rain", and then was ready to move on to "Caribbean Holiday".  She told him, "Sit back and enjoy the ride.  This song is like sippin' some lemonade!"


EDS Warrior said...

Ok, so I just spent 2 minutes cheering and screaming for Hannah! My family probably thinks I'm nuts now, but it's ok because Hannah totally just rocked it!!!

She did sooo well!!!!

Have fun at the beach - I'm very jealous seeing as it's going into winter here in Australia!

Kristi said...

Your girl just makes me smile!! She has such a great sense of humor :).