April 18, 2011

Ruby's Mom!!!

Hannah and I have been traveling for the past week, having a great time visiting D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Easton, PA, Princeton, NJ, and D.C. again.   I'll cover the pertinent points later (3rd Research Study Visit at Kennedy Krieger--no big news there).

The big excitement came when we arrived home to an unexpected box, addressed to Hannah.  From Texas, with no return address other than the post office address.


She opened it up and found these:

I finally remembered that Cheryl from Ruby's Life had contacted me to on FB a while ago!  She wanted to make an afghan for Hannah; what color should she make it?    How sweet is that?   

Not only did she make Hannah's beautiful afghan, she also made two smaller ones. 


Hannah wrapped her American Girl dolls burrito style, and then I wrapped her up too!

Thanks Cheryl!  You made my girl so happy!  What a generous commitment of time from a homeschooling mom of nine children!   So sweet.  This blogworld is full of surprises!


Becca said...

Wow!! That's so sweet!! Love that the dolls get their own, too. :-)

Sorry we missed you guys on this trip up here. Let me know the next time you venture up this way!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful surprise!!! that Cheryl is so talented!! Must have been so nice to meet bloggy friends!

Sabrina Steyling said...

What a sweet gift! Handmade afghans are so warm and soft - I've got a friend who loves to crochet and knit, and the afghan and scarf she made for me are just wonderful. <3