April 3, 2011

Book for First Time Moms

This is my sister's first book!

Regular readers might remember my post last May, when I put out the APB for Christian writers.   It turns out that Christy Sturm, an occasional Shenanigans reader and mother of a son with Down syndrome, is a contributor!  She has 10 devotionals sprinkled throughout the book.   I read them first, always looking for the sisterhood of mothering a child with a disability.  Her entries brought me right back to when Hannah was born.  It's amazing how we all can relate to those early fears and worries, and later, our discovery of the delightful secrets of the extra chromosome.

The other contributors come from diverse backgrounds ranging from a single mother, and adoptive mother, working and stay-at-home moms.  Each day, a compassionate message to hearten a fatigued mother--really applicable to any mother.

This book would be a wonderful gift to a new or expecting mother.   Daily encouragement, scripture and prayer, one short devotion a day--just enough for a busy mom to read in a minute or two.

I just checked Amazon, and they just re-stocked ($13.31--buy two and get free shipping!).  Or, for you Kindle fans, it's always available ($7.99):  Your First Year of Motherhood  


Melissa said...

I think this sounds wonderful, even though I am through my fist year. I will keep this one my list for any upcoming baby showers!

Anna said...

what a great gift idea.
I had a paperback version of something like this given to me when I was having my little ones 20-something years ago. It was invaluable.

Christy said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Beth! I pray that this book will bless all kinds of mothers, but I'm especially honored to represent the mothers of the most special children.
I'm so thankful you mentioned the book and me specifically - you rock!!