September 21, 2010

Lois news.

Sorry to have to share this terrible news.   Just a few weeks out of chemo, little Lois has relapsed.   She will need heavy chemo to get into remission, and then a bone marrow transplant, provided that there is a match.   The doctors currently are giving her a 50% chance of survival.

We are all devastated.

Just 10 days ago I took this picture of sweet Lois on her Daddy's shoulders.   So many local Lois supporters attended an event to honor children with cancer.   Hannah and I were proud to be there, cheering everyone on, celebrating Lois' last treatment.   Lois was happily clapping along with her adoring public.

She's a fighter--that stubborn gene on the 21st chromosome--the one that contains the sequence for obstinacy?--at least, that's my hypothesis--that's the one that's going to bring her through this.  Fortunately she has a triple dose of it.   She will prevail.

Please pray for Lois, her family and her doctors.


Brandie said...

We'll be praying.

Adrienne said...

So sad to read this! She is definitely in my prayers.

JEllen said...

Adding her to our prayer list. I just hate reading this...again.

Heather said...

Our hearts are heavy for you all,who love her so and for all of us who have come to love her through this crazy world of blogging.

Our hearts are beyond heavy for her family,her mommy and daddy.

But hope prevails above all and we know,without a shadow of a doubt, that there is indeed magic in that extra chromosome.

Prayers.Prayers.And more prayers.

Tina said...

This is certainly not the news I opened up to God I am feeling so devastated I can't imagine what her parents are going through right now. I will be praying extra hard for Lois and God will see her through this I am sure of that.

To Love Endlessly said...

we will pray for her as well. She's absolutely beautiful in that picture!

Stephanie said...

i'm devastated! I thought she was good. I kept saying no news is good news, her mom hasn't posted in so long.
I hate this!

Kristen's mom said...

not Lois! I really hate this cancer. It has taken too many of our angels. Enough is enough.

Melissa said...

She has been in my prayers constantly the last few days.