September 28, 2010

Back from Montana

The weary travelers arrived home yesterday at 1:30 a.m.    They had a great time, visiting extended family, meeting second cousins and Great Aunts, etc.    I have no pictures yet--James needs to download them from his iPhone.   Hannah didn't take any pictures at all, which is odd.   She was too busy!

She is coming down with a cold, and was very tired yesterday.   Last night she was having trouble falling asleep. She asked for me, but James went in first.   Nope.  She needed me.   She wanted a lullaby from when she was a baby.   Kate had sung it to her over a year ago one evening.   She couldn't remember the lyrics, but finally came up with a few words that triggered my memory.

Here's the part she really wanted to hear:

Roses love sunshine.  Violets love dew.
Angels in heaven know I love you.

She is so sweet.  Love that girl.

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