August 14, 2010

Nan Talk

We interrupt this week's jet lag exhaustion with two short tales.

1. While driving around doing errands this afternoon, Hannah spied a convertible.  She said, "Hey Mom!  Look at that car!  It's just like the one I drove when I played The Game of Life!"

2. Post dinner, talking about what game to play this evening:

H: I don't want to play cards, I want to play a board game.
Me:  Do you know which one you want to play?

H:    I want to play a climbing game.
Me:  A climbing game?  I thought you wanted to play a board game.
H:  Yes.  I want to play a board game that I can climb.........and slide. Do you know what it's called?  It's Chutes and Ladders!!!!

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