July 28, 2010

Cooking with Nan IV

Here's Chef Hannah, making her first ever meatballs!  

She is a "pastatarian", so good meatballs are a nice accessory for her vermicelli.   Unfortunately, when my computer died, I lost my favorite meatball recipe, so this new recipe was an experiment.    I'm not going to post the recipe because:

1.  It's downstairs and I am not.
2.  It's an okay recipe, but not the best.
3.  I'm leaving for Jordan in less than 2 hours and I probably should streamline this post!

I'm doubtful that I'll be able to post anything while I'm away, so not to worry if I'm radio-silent for the next couple of weeks!  I'm sure I'll have stories to tell when I return!


Karly said...

Wow, Hannah's speech is amazing. (And the meatballs don't look half bad either!)

Kristi said...

Jonathan liked your movie! He said it was fun :). He also said that Hannah is a good cook!

Thanks for sharing this videos! Our kids (especially Jonathan :) love them. I know she is a little bit older than our Jonathan, but do you guys believe in arranged marriages?! Hee! Hee!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

have a wonderful and safe trip!!! i haven't watched the video yet - i am getting ready to now... can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that was just great!!! I love the Cooking with Nan segments very much.

With those adorable braids I couldn't help but think that Hannah reminds me of the Anne of Green Gables character. She's adorable, Beth.

I hope you have a wonderful and interesting time in Jordan. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Take good care!

kim said...

great job, hannah! i'd love to try your meatballs one day! :)

mlfont said...

WTG Hannah! I just found your blog, looking forward to getting to know your family!!! And learning LOTS!!! Parker is 14 months old, so we have lots to learn!!!