May 1, 2010

Good news for me

Yup, that's a full rainbow sheltering our home!

I know I've been pretty silent lately.    Yesterday I got my pathology report from my surgery and it's all clear!  I'm really happy that I'm free and clear.

The doctor removed all 13 stitches, leaving me with steri-strips until Monday.  It's not as itchy as the stitches so far.   I tend to react to adhesives, so we'll see how it goes.  I still have limitations on exercising and bending, but I can live with that.  Though my garden is suffering.   Better it than me I suppose!

James was out of town all week, so Hannah was been my nurse assistant.  She's pretty good at changing dressings, though I think she's happy to be done with that job!

I have been slowly writing the next Oral Placement post. Well, the truth is, that I've been procrastinating.  I started writing it several weeks ago, but I've been using the surgery as an excuse.  Sorry!   It's so time consuming to write it out so you can understand it!   It would be easier to have a video conference.  Maybe I'll have Hannah video me talking about it--then I could actually show you what I'm talking about.  What do you think?

     My pot o'gold


Tracy said...

Congrats on the all clear!

Sumithra said...

Just now read about your surgery. Good to know things are clear. You house circled by rainbow looks so beautiful.

BTW, started Nutrivene for Vignesh about 2 weeks back. Thanks for the useful information that you had provided.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Beth, I didn't even realize you were having a surgery! I hope you mend soon. I think you're in good hands, though. :)

I am looking forward to your next Oral Placement installment. At Gabe's last speech therapy session, it was startling to realize that his "s", "sh", "ch" sounds were completely and thoroughly coming from his nose. Even when the therapist or myself plugged his nose with a pinch, he tried to push air through while saying these sounds.

Anyway, I am very interested in any help you can post about speech.

Many thanks! Healing wishes from us to you!

Tracy said...

And what a pot of gold she is! Love that girl! And I for one appreciate that you take the time to write the oral stuff so I can understand it! I was advised by another Mom to feed Will cereal in the same position I feed him his bottle - NOT! And after I read your last post on the subject, I can tell her why it is a bad idea for our kids with Ds. Actually, I sent her to your post! Call me chicken. It's okay! Gotta go...Will is kicking my keyboard from underneath the slide out!

Brandie said...

Glad you got the all clear! Goldie's speech therapist quit, so this week G will be with her supervisor. I have my list of questions ready!

suelmayer said...

Sending healing wishes your way. So glad to hear all the news is good!

Tina said...

A video is a great idea!!! What a lovely picture of the rainbow protecting your house, and that pot of gold is most precious.

I hope your feeling better and up and about in no time.

Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend and can't wait for your next Oral Placement post! They are so imformative and I'm so thankful you are writing them up.

JennyH said...

What a cool picture. Very nice house too. But nothing tops that pot o' gold!!

Far Above Rubies said...

That's wonderful news. Thanks for wishing Ella a Happy Birthday. God bless you.