May 2, 2010

Christian Writing Opportunity

My sister is a writer for Guideposts.  She just received a contract to put together a book of daily devotionals for new moms. It will contain SHORT pieces written specifically to help new mothers through that rough first year, and all the attendant spiritual and emotional upheaval that entails. (There will also be a web-based daily delivery system, so moms can opt to get their nourishment while checking email.)
The goal is to have perhaps ten writers contribute to the book, preferably from across the country. She already has a couple of NY-area writers, and is looking for insightful Christian moms elsewhere who can write well. The list of would-love-to-finds include:
- moms from different ethnic backgrounds
- a mom who has adopted a child
- a mom whose child was born with a disability
- a single or working mom
This is an income-producing opportunity. Writers don't necessarily need to have been published, nor do they need to be in the middle of that new-mom stage at the moment. They do need to be articulate, and must be able to use real-life experiences as the base for illustrating how they grew/struggled spiritually.
She has put together some writer's guidelines. If you are interested, or know other mothers who might be interested in "auditioning" to write for this book, please forward this information to them. 
If you are interested, please email me so I can connect you with my sister. 


Cate said...

guideposts! that makes me nostalgic, my mom used to get that when I was a kid.

Samantha said...

Thanks for this info. I contacted your sister.

Tracy said...

I LOVE the Guidepost magazine! I have read it since I was a kid. That is so neat that your sister works for them.

Kristi said...

I can email you if I need to, but I might be interested. I have written a few things through the years about Jonathan. It is funny, but I attribute some of my love of reading to Guidepost magazine :). When I was little and would pick up just about anything to read, Guidepost was one of my top choices always around at our house!

kim said...

i just forwarded this to a friend of mine. i think she'd be PERFECT. her name is also kim ;)