February 14, 2010


Hannah is in bed reading a book about a family that is expecting a baby. The book has real photographs of the baby as it develops in utero, and discreet pictures of the birth. There is a picture of the new baby wailing right after birth.

Hannah calls to me, "Mom! Come and see this! It's just like when I was born! Isn't that baby cute, just like me? Remember when I was born and I howled like a wolf looking at the moon?"


To Love Endlessly said...

howled like a wolf looking at the moon? What exactly did you tell Hannah about her birth? hehe, cute!

Brandie said...

Aaaaaww, that is sweet!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who was howling exactly at that moment? :P

I love NanTalk!♥

rx said...

oh yeah, i remember!
but yes, she sure was cute and still is :)