February 5, 2010

By the numbers

By way of catching up:

11 days since last post-sorry!

2 curious people trying to find the blog lurker from Lancaster, CA area--please comment or email! (Pretty please?). The mystery is almost as compelling as the Wasilla, AK reader (Hi Gri!).

3 nasty head colds for 3 people

1 visit to the Special Olympics swim program. Hannah's going to give it a try.

592 blogs unvisited

1 major snowstorm, another due today

Yum yum! Snow snack!

98 mindless games of Zuma and still can't get through level 12.5, no matter how many lives I have

1 Valentine fundraiser for a Reece's Rainbow child over at Charissa's blog (see--I did visit 1 blog in a month!)

3 Christmas packages from Jordan!!!

1 handmade hat by a Jordanian woman with Down syndrome
2 keffiyehs without instructions (the instructions came later)

1 baby Lois home from her first chemo--but she's battling a respiratory illness at home.

106 days since Kate left

6 Facebook profile picture changes, including this one:

3 new friends, emigrated from Cameroon, coming to visit today if the snow holds off--I'm excited to meet this homeschooling family whose 14 year old has Down syndrome!

1 digital camera still missing.

0 motivation to clean and find it


Brandie said...

You guys have had some serious snow this year!! Looks like your sending it up our way ;)

Charissa said...

Love the wedding picture. And Hannah in the snow!

Beverly said...

you all have been busy. I know I cant seem to get all my blog reading done. would love some of that snow, just for a bit.

Captain Quirk said...

Oh, so you play Zuma too? It took me forever to get through level 12. But I can't believe you counted the number of times you tried...=)

Kelly said...

Ah-ha! Your blog is always so fun! Thanks for the smiles. :)

I will be going to read about Lois now. What a sweet little face! Children are so amazing to me!

donnar66 said...

Beer and Brownies... TASTY!!!
We are waiting for our Numicon kit to arrive in the mail. Look for a call from us next week.
Polar Plunge Tomorrow here in Va. Beach. Falling temps. rain/sleet/snow/40+ mph winds in forecast..... TASTY!!!

Anonymous said...