November 29, 2012

Things about Hannah, by Hannah

*Last month I started a list of "21 Things About Hannah".  We were finishing dinner, and I started the list with "Loves baked potato skins" after she stole my empty potato skins.     We all talked over a few other items.   Then Hannah joined in.   She was spitting them out as fast as I could write.

Here is the unabridged list directly from her mouth:

1. Love having "Hannah and Daddy Days" on Saturdays going to Glory Days for lunch and running errands.

2. Cheerful chore girl.  Helpful and kind.

3. Love dogs

4. Champion pill swallower

5. Love to go to museums

6. Love love love live stage performances to watch and to be in them

7.Traveller--far away trips

8. When I am sick I always spray the nasal spray up my nose to clear it out.

9. I'm learning to type.

10. I like rainy days when I can stay in my 'jammas.

11.We love our pets

12. I love going to the movies.  I eat popcorn and drink coke.

13. Chocolate is my favorite candy.

14. When I grow up I'm going to be a firefighter and paleontologist.

15. My dad was in the Navy a long time ago.

16. I love to look at our boxes of family pictures

17. I have 11 cousins.  I love to play silly games with them.

18. My favorite song is Defying Gravity.

19. I like to learn about places in the world and ancient times.

20.  Volcanos.

21.  I'm excited about going to Disney World!

22. I am going to try the Haunted Mansion.

23.  My favorite board game is "Life".

24. My mom is a good cook and baker.  Also she loves turtles--all types of turtles.  Proganochelys is a turtle in dinosaur times.  It had 60 bony plates on its back.  It didn't have a retractable head.
(yup, she really said that!  and I had to look up how to spell 'Proganochelys')

25. I love toys--especially Webkinz, Legos, American Girl dolls, Toy Story toys and Rescue Heroes.

Which one is your favorite?  Mine is #8.  It cracks me.


Wendy said...

I had to giggle because I could picture and hear her naming off this list to you!!

Not to mention I love the Hannah list from the Awesome & Amazing Hannah Herself!!

Susanna said...


Nancy said...

Enjoying a second look at my favorite blog posts... still hilarious! I tried a similar conversation with Maggie and got "I can burp the alphabet." Waiting for the other 20.