December 14, 2011

Hello USA!

Kate's HOME!   She's been home for more than a week, but we've been so busy we've hardly been around!

She landed in Richmond around 12:15 a.m.  Exhausted, of course, after 27+ hours of traveling and no sleep.   We forced a nap on Hannah earlier in the evening, so she was mostly functional for the airport.  

(Yes, Hannah calls Kate "Tater".  Don't tell anyone.) 

The sisters!

Another grand welcome from Hazel!

So far so good! We took a quick jaunt to North and South Carolinas to see grandparents and friends who were eager to see Kate.  This week has been kind of crazy since we're updating our kitchen and everything is askew.  We finally got our Christmas tree--but it's not in the house yet...

Chris comes home next week, so we'll have a full house.

For a finale, here's a short Hannah-in-action video for your viewing pleasure!  Slightly back in time, from farming and Thanksgiving.

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Tracy said...

I am behind in checking on glad to see that Kate is home. I know you are so glad to have her back. It must have been so hard for her to come back to the States and fall back into the routine, after two years in another country.