June 18, 2011

Nan Talk

Hannah's been on a roll lately--lots of new language skills and showing us more and more memory tasks and understanding innuendo.

Two funny things today--one on purpose, the other, a slight misunderstanding:

1.  Hannah was eating hard boiled eggs as part of her lunch.   She had a little burp.  She said, "Egg-cuse me."

2. Her computer was not behaving.  She said, "I need that Mozzarella Firefox to come up."

Bonus:  Her latest joke:

Q:  What kind of suit does a duck wear?

A:  A ducksedo!


Sabrina Steyling said...

This post definitely brought a smile to my face! Oh, and tell Hannah that I think her duck joke is cool :)

Anonymous said...

Love Nan-Talk.

Sawyer has been using words lately that I had no idea he knew. Telling me things are 'impossible' and 'indicuous' (Ridiculous). Using them in proper context. Of course, he's also going around blaming his little brother for all the things that he (Sawyer) is doing.

His joke: "Knock Knock" Who's there? "Yah" Yah-who. He throws his hands up in the air and yells Yah-Hoo!!!!

We will start home schooling sometime in July. I may start screaming for your help. I ordered the primers you told me about. the OT is starting next week on hand writing. (with us doing follow up). A few other things up my sleeve too.


Susanna said...

Hahaha! Please tell Hannah I think she's funny!

j*e*n said...

I love Hannah's jokes - very punny!

Shelley said...

Ha - yes you gotta love a silly sense of humour... I was going to do a little post on my Hannah's silliness but hadn't got to it yet - will have to get my act together.
Athens - what a treat. Greece is such a beautiful place to visit.