November 7, 2010

Nan Talk

Science camp can have it's own post once I finish enjoying this extra-long weekend (+ 1 hour).

But here's a quick taste of Nan's camp humor:

#1. Our beach residence was Fiddler Cabin.   I was explaining the name to Hannah (there was no Fiddler on the Roof).    She said that she thought our cabin ought to be named Fiddler Crabin.

#2.  We were walking along the wooden walkways, and I was constantly prodding Hannah to go faster.   Exasperated, she said, "These are boardwalks, not board-runs."


Tracy said...

I always love these posts! LOL

Isabelle Mae Mommy said...

I just went to my old blog b/c I thought about starting it back up again and I clicked on the comments! I am so happy to see your name!!! I have missed you guys so. And Hannah is so mature looking! What a beautiful young lady. I wish I could hug her in person and talk to her!!!
The kind words your wrote on my blog brought tears to my eyes - you don't know how much that meant.

So I think I'm motivated now to start blogging again. Life is so busy but I'm doing wonderful. I have two girls of my own (ages 3 and 5) and I work part time in the school system. I work in two Preschool classrooms - one is structured for children with autism and one is cross-categorical, with a variety of needs. Preschool is my favorite though. Please give your hannah a huge hug and let's keep in touch! Much love to all of you,

Cindy said...

She's right, it is a board 'walk'!

Sumithra said...

I was a little upset and Nan was able to bring a smile upon my face. Thanks, Hannah! Feels so nice to be reading all my favorite blogs.